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Will your family have power in case of a blackout?

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We develop innovative new Solar Power Systems every family and business needs, today.  Solar energy will become the primary source of power in the decades ahead.  Solar energy will provide power when the grid goes down due to natural disasters such as: electrical grid blackouts, hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes, floods, even grid disrupting sunspots or EMP.  Our company's goal is to provide you with most innovative solar products possible - you can rely on 24 hour power service from our systems.

We use the latest technology solar cells for our panels that we manufacture right here in the USA.  Our proprietary solar panel design packs the most power capacity for their size while being the lightest long life panels on the market today.

Custom built lithium battery power is integrated into the design, not just an after-thought.  The very critical intelligent microprocessor control technology plus the algorithms used to improve efficiency were developed by our own engineer.  The controller monitors all parameters of the system to provide the highest efficiency possible.

American engineered and manufactured right here in the USA!

The heart of the system is a new generation of intelligent computer controlled electronics PCB designed by our founder/engineer: Donald Golding.  This intelligent controller can power the load, charge two phones via USB AND charge two battery chemistries: simultaneously.  It performs real-time power distribution, optimization and power management with the result of powering the load and charging both the internal plus optional external batteries: ALL AT THE SAME TIME!

Solar power is now price competitive with most other sources of electrical power generation.  


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<p>Napa, CA, August 30, 2014 &ndash; Fire damage from broken gas lines at the Napa Valley Mobile Home Park in the City of Napa, California, which was struck by a 6.0 earthquake at 3:20 a.m. on August 24. 2014. At least 103 structures (44 homes, 59 businesses) were tagged &ldquo;RED&rdquo; by inspectors as unsafe to enter in the City of Napa after the earthquake. FEMA supports state, local and tribal governments in their efforts to recover from the effects of natural disasters. Photo by Christopher Mardorf / FEMA.</p>


Solar Power Corp. has completed the final production steps for our new Emergency Solar Power Briefcase product.  The CNC code has been completed and our automated CNC Laser Cutting machine has made our first article production unit for testing.   This machine can fabricate hundreds of units per week.

Stay tuned for more updates.

Folded Panel-sm

Since 1993

Our new emergency folding solar panel power briefcase...

is cheap insurance for families to survive natural disasters, grid power outages and blackouts.  Using our EFS-1.1KW version, you can operate a 700 watt microwave, power a small 1.7 cubic foot refrigerator, charge two phones, power your laptop computer and run high power LED lights at night.

  • Generates up to 2 Kilowatts of power per day.
  • Advanced Lithium Batteries can provide up to 2.2 Kilowatts at night.
  • Charge two cell phones, simultaneously.
  • Charges external low cost lead acid battery, automatically.
  • 115 VAC pure sine wave inverter option.
  • Intelligent microprocessor system controller (our design)
  • Display: monitor solar panels, battery charge, and load.

Our Emergency Folding Solar Panel Power Briefcase Model EFS-1 comes in three storage power levels.  This is the amount of power the batteries can store before being recharged by the 120 watt/hour solar panels.

  1. 280 Watt Hours         (EFS-280)
  2. 560 Watt Hours         (EFS-560)
  3. 1.1 Kilowatt Hours.   (EFS-1.1KW)
  4. 2 Kilowatt Hours.      (EFS-2.2KW)

Size: 28x22x4 inches folded.  Weight for the 1KW unit is 25 pounds.

2KW Unit: 40 lbs 28x22x4.5 when folded


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